Search Engine Advertising​

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Search Engine Advertising can help your customers find you easily. For an existing market, the best way to generate sales/leads is Search Engine Marketing. Zingtech leading search marketing agency makes sure to invest your money in right keywords with an extra edge of making your company look different than others yet by managing low cost per click.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising on the other hand can build an image of a brand by displaying its products & services on various websites across world wide web. Display Advertisements are much more attractive and appealing to customers as these appear in various formats like Image, Animated Images, Flash, Video etc. Paid display advertising is effective, both as direct response and branding strategy. YouTube advertising is also a major display advertising channel.

Social Media Advertising​

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is targeted on interest based audience. Take leverage out of our social media advertising methods on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, pinterest etc... These are mostly in image and video formats.

mobile ads

Mobile Ads

In recent times, the audience on mobile has surpassed the desktop traffic. And if you are not advertising on mobile, you must be definitely missing on lot of potential customers. Advertise with us on famous mobile apps and responsive websites.


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